What does destination and Disposition busy mean

I have implemented a 10 channel sip trunk. One thing I noticed in the logs this morning is that some outbound calls in the log were showing destination as busy and Disposition as BUSY. I don’t know if this means the number that was being called was busy or if there is some sort of congestion on our sip trunk. Although we should have 10 channels and at that given time there was only 1 call at a time

Uhm, the destination could have been busy. Totally possible.

That’s what I thought too. So I turned off call waiting on my mobile and turned off voicemail and kept my mobile busy on a call. Then I tried calling my mobile and even thought i got a busy tone. The calls logs didn’t show the call as busy. So not sure why these particular calls to these two particular numbers were busy and showing as busy too.

Busy requires that the network actually send a busy indication, rather than just playing a tone or announcement in the media stream. What SIP response code are you getting?

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