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hi, i am on FreePBX with current modules. I am in the unfortunate position of possibly having to install a fresh copy of freepbx and restore a config backup. I have the current pbx up and accessible. If I use the backup utility to backup the current pbx config…will that get EVERYTHING? for example, what about these:

  1. ssl certs
  2. for users, we are linked to 2 different AD’s, will the AD config be backup/restored?
  3. voicemails
  4. ucp configs
  5. we are using commercial EPM, what about that?

thanks in advance

Read this wiki, you can add custom paths to be included in the backup.

Usually when you restore on a fresh installation on the same hardware and you run the activation wizard, select existing, it will populate the previous deployment id.
This wiki explains how to move deployment id

Much luck

hi, thanks for the info. i read through the wiki and it mentioned that a “full backup” does not include system audio and voicemail. Does anyone know for sure if those are the only 2 things that are left out, as i mentioned, i am concerned specifically with certs, AD config etc.


You stopped reading to fast…
Here’s the second part of that paragraph:

If you want these to be included, drag the “System Audio” and “Voicemail Templates” from the Templates bin to the Items bin.

hi, no, i did see that. but it made me concerned that if these 2 things are not included in the “full backup” then, maybe there are other things as well…

actually, what would be great is if there were a list of exactly what WAS included in a full…for example, one of the examples had a screen shot of a backup config and one of the items in the list was /tftpboot…i cannot tell if that is included in the full or if that was added manually…because i would want that included…

a complete list of what a full includes would be great…just saying

File a feature request: issues.freepbx.org

Drag that template in, you’ll see everything that is included.

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