What do you like or not about FreePBX?


Let’s talk about what you like or not FreePBX distro ?

  1. First i would like a way to uninstall a batch of commercial modules in case i don’t use them.
  2. Troubleshooting a call issue is difficult with over 50-100 lines in the verbose output.
  3. it would be nice if you had templates for different SIP providers.

What other things you like or not ?

  1. You can already batch uninstall. In Admin -> Module Admin select all modules you don’t want and uninstall them. You can also do the same with fwconsole ma uninstall xxxx where you can specify multiple module raw names.

  2. This is not a FreePBX complaint, but an Asterisk complaint. And frankly, 50 lines is nothing. I’ve investigated queue issues on busy systems that can run to the 10’s of thousands for a single inbound call. In order for logs to be useful they must be detailed.

  3. Agreed, it would be nice, but I fear not practical to incorporate in the GUI. If you have provider settings you wish to share with the community, post them here.

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#1 is already there

#2 i agree with , we may look at something mr gaetz actually proposed at one time…
ill speak with lorne when hes back from vaca last week; imagine a feature code that could toggle some debug file being created - only its relevant data from logs and tcpdump …

#3 i like as well but maybe not a template that needs to integrate with trunks directly but perhaps separate notes module that could hook into other modules and let you know there was a note related to a page and note template that was general and maybe one specific for trunking ?

i’ll wait to see what else comes in on the thread - good dialogue … thanks for starting it :slight_smile:

You can’t get away from a debug with low log lines. Just impossible. A call hitting an Inbound Route alone is going to generate at least 25+ lines in the call log and that’s just with almost nothing being enabled on the route. Due to all the dialplan a call can traverse in the PBX the log is going to be at least 50+ lines or more for a single call. Having something like a ring group or followme being checked/used is going to generate even more.

Turning on the pjsip or chan_sip debugs to get SIP messaging for debugs is going to create even more lines.

It doesn’t matter how the debug logging is triggered, CLI, feature code, GUI click. Having less logged for a call makes troubleshooting it or reviewing it more of a PITA then having to go through all the lines.

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