What do UCP Call History arrows signify? Purple-green and left-right

As I see in the wiki, there is a legend for UCP call history.

However, this article does not explain all the arrow icons. In our UCP history, we see both purple and green arrows pointing both left and right.

What is the difference between these green left v. purple left? and green right v. purple right? What is the significance of each?

The colors don’t mean anything. There is only even green left and purple right. They are different colors so that they can be easily separated visually.

That would make sense if there is only green left and purple right, but as you see in this screenshot, my UCP interface is more creative. So do you mean that we can ignore the colours and just assume RIGHT means outbound and LEFT inbound?

Yes. I will fix this in the next release.

Thank you.

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Resolved in cdr version 12.0.18