What do I do with the IVR after I create it?

I’m trying to figure out how to implement the IVR after I’ve created it.

I’ve set up an IVR to act as a menu for different ring groups, and I’ve got the IVR saved.

But when I tell all inbound calls (any CID/DID) to route to the IVR, calling the number to the office literally does nothing. No ring, no message.

Is there some specific way that you’re supposed to route to the IVR?

Does it work if you send it to other destinations?

What kind of trunk? Versions, how was the system installed. We are not mind readers.

I haven’t tried routing it to anything else, like a single extension, but it’s currently routed to the main ring group that rings all phones.

The trunk is a Zap trunk, and our FreePBX is running under Trixbox/Asterisk. Almost all of the FreePBX modules are at version 2.7.0.

That is a very old system and uses a hacked up version of FreePBX that was abandoned a few years ago.

Your first order of business should be to upgrade to a sustainable system. You may find your problem goes away.

Ah, okay! I’m not familiar with our phone system as we “have a guy” who handles it, but perhaps I should inherit the responsibility. I will speak with my superior about upgrading the system. :slight_smile:

Thank you!