What do FreePBX geeks find interesting other than FreePBX?

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For the “off-topic” category: a weekend post.

I love getting up to my elbows in a good SIP problem or hacking some dialplan but there is more to life.

We live in the Appalachian range and there are hundreds of hiking opportunities here for day outings. It’s our go-to activity and somehow never gets old.

In the tech realm I find myself reading Hacker News quite a lot. It’s a nice diverse roundup of current tech and helps me know what other geeks are doing outside of RTC/VoIP.

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My main interest outside of work is to just get out of the house, whether that’s a 12 min walk to the park, or 12 time zones to the far east, or somewhere in between. As I work from home, and my partner is self employed, it’s the only sure way of not being at work. COVID has substantially reduced our pool of destinations (called off a trip to Japan hours before flight departure about a year ago) and with decent weather coming around again, looking forward to the new normal being old.

My winter pass time has been tinkering with Arduino and learning about basic electronics and building my own IOT toys.

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