What causes Custom Extensions Hint To Show Unavailable?


I have custom type extensions that are used as dynamic agents for queues. The extensions are answered with FMFM. Lately we have noticed that the hint/subscriptions for these agents is periodically will change to unavailable. When this happens, they no longer get queue calls. To resolve it, we have been deleting the extension and recreating it. Things had been working fine for over a year prior to all this. I have confirmed they are not enabling DND on the extensions.

Why is this happening?

Is there a way to force a hint back to a state of Idle?

Is there a better way to resolve the issue (hint state incorrectly showing Unavailable)?


Show some logs. There’s no tech based hint for virtual/custom extensions since there’s no assigned tech. There are custom hints for DND and Followme. Do those exist? What are their states? Note that their states should either be NOT_INUSE or BUSY or no state at all. I setup a new PJSIP extension and while a customedevice state was set for FOLLOWME100 (the custom followme state) it did not add a state for DND100 (custom DND state).

What do the logs show when this comes back unavailable?

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