What can be done or not done with SIPStation free trial?

I’m new to freepbx user. Our company setup a FreePBX 15.0.23 box with a SIPStation free trial. The registration with the server and ip phone (Grandstream GPX1628) were successful. Calling to the the DID number goes to SIPStation DID validation message. It seems OK. But when I changed the Inbound route destination to the extension, I was always directed to voice messages. Is that normal?
I couldn’t found any doxumentation what sip station free trial can do. Can anybody give me some hints?

you should be able to take and make calls , there’s a limit to the number of minutes included with the trial as well as the 21 day expiry - thats all

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Thank Chris. Then the voice message must be some misconfiguration. I will take a closer look

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