What can and cant do , taking a leap

I wana set up a dedicated raspberry pi 3 for a phone system with zoiper

  1. i have 2 BT home lines just dont wana have a home phone so is there a SIP way to connect them into they system ( i know it can be down with business easy )
  2. i have a small business that has 2 lines 1 for driver and other for public , quite busy so need to be able to put on hold and depending on the number that is incoming ( backup system as will be diverted from a control room)
  3. recommend a SIP as this is a back up / emergency system dont really wana pay unless i use it (in uk only) and on outgoing calls to display the company number

last where to start i just have to server all set just wana connect sip to it then set up acconts and connect to my pc and my personal phone

ANYHELP will be much appricated

The Pi cannot accept an analog interface card. You have several options:

  1. A few ATAs have one FXS and one FXO port. Examples include Obihai OBi110, Linksys SPA3102 and Grandstream HT503. You could use the FXS port to connect your existing corded or cordless phone as an extension on your PBX. Unfortunately, hooking up both of your BT lines would require two devices. Often available used on eBay or Amazon for an attractive price.

  2. Gateways are available with multiple FXO ports, e.g. Grandstream GXW4104. These are pro devices and will likely be much more costly, even used.

  3. Old Cisco routers with FXO ports are often available used for almost nothing. However, unless you already know Cisco IOS (not related to Apple’s iOS), it’s a steep learning curve. Also, these dinosaurs consume considerable power.

  4. Without any additional hardware, you could make outgoing calls via a SIP provider (most will allow you to send your home number as caller ID) and receive incoming calls by forwarding them to a local VoIP number (if your BT line has call forwarding service).

You can get a UK SIP number from https://www.localphone.com/ for £0.75 per month; outbound domestic calls are 0.4p per minute (landline) and 1.5p (mobile). Free 5-minute trial (outbound only).

Both https://www.sipgate.co.uk/ and https://www.numbergroup.com/ offer free UK numbers, though outbound calls on those plans are expensive. If you don’t need incoming, most providers have pay-as-you-go plans with no monthly cost.

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