What are the quidelines for a Backup / Restore

I just backed up a system Version 6.12.65-30 Asterisk version 11.19. I tried to restore that backup to a fresh distro that is at 6.12.65-28 (Granted I didn’t update it to -30 ) Asterisk version 11.18. Does EVERYTHING have to match exactly? I uploaded the backup, there were no errors in the GUI and I waited ten minutes. Logged out, logged back in, no change. I did a FULL backup from the templates.

Thanks for any help

Sounds like the restore didn’t run. There’s a window that pops up, when it’s doing a restore

Yeah I am in the dark why it wouldn’t work without so much as an error message. When I did the backup there was a message about a table called cel that needed to be fixed. Is the backup smart enough to catch that and abort? All I can find on that table is that it has something to do with a call data log, I think