What are people's experiences with Yealink phones, esp. newer ones like T46S/T48S?

We are thinking of trying out Yealink phones, probably the T46S/T48S models. Anyone have recent experience with these? Any issues with build quality, reliability etc?

thanks for any info…

For a while I was selling only Yealink. Great phones. Personally I like the 46S model. Work well and look good. I dont have any issues with them on FreePBX.

The T4 series is not “new”, though with the refresh from the G line to the S line it is kind of like a .5 version (half upgrade).

In fact, the T5 series came out in 2019.

The T53 replaces the T42 and the T54 replaces the T46

That said, I love the Yealink lines. I have had zero build quality issues since I started using them in 2012. Had the odd firmware issues over the years. But those are resolved by downgrading until fixed. Same as any other brand.

I solely use Yealink phones for my production systems that I support. It plays well with the EPM and any configuration tweaks I need to make. The only annoying factor I see with them in relation to the EPM is they do not automatically add the star codes to the forwarding options (always, busy, unavailable). So I add those manually with base file edits. It also does not automatically add the proper values for TLS/SRTP. That’s more on the EPM, but I still get them to work by manually editing base file configurations. I generally keep firmware at the latest minor revision of the previous major release. I haven’t experienced quality issues or any hardware problems since I’ve been deploying them. I’ve been using them over the last two years now. I have used everything from the T19EP through to the T48S. I generally lean more towards selling/recommending the T46S/T48S.

@sorvani This information is helpful too. I might start looking at the T5 series and switch over to using those next.

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