What are IPitomy phones and can they be used with FreePBX?

Have a potential customer with two offices, each with one of these in house PBXs and some of what seems to be a proprietary phone. They don’t mind the phones but they’re unhappy with the support they’re getting and want to look at other options. I did a little searching online and cant tell if they’re just rebranded or if they are something unique. Their system does seem to run on Asterisk. Certainly there’s no firmware currently built for them in the latest endpoint manager.

Anyone done this before?

IPitomy phones are rebranded Escene.

I had a bunch of version 1 IP620s. Nothing but issues. The phones worked perfectly fine with the IPitomy system, which is nothing more than a pig with lipstick. (Asterisk with a custom GUI). You would think they wouldn’t have an issues moving to FreePBX (another pig with lipstick, just prettier)

The phone would randomly drop calls. The phone itself looked to just stop sending packets. That and they are not supported in EPM, so every phone has to be manually configured and updated.

I tried to find the last firmware for this hardware version on Escene website, that was a no go.

I ended up replacing all of them with Sangoma S500’s

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