What am I missing in the config?

This is my setup:

2 Analog Trunks: FXO-1 for telephone calls, and FXO-2 for Faxes.
2 Outbound rules, one for FXO-1 and one for FXO-2
2 Extension, lets say 20 (SIP phone) and 9000 (Fax)

What I am trying to do is this: I want that all the outgoing calls go through FXO-1, and all faxes through FXO-2.

Is it possible?

How are you going to know which calls are FAXes and which are Voice?, Easy way prepend a digit to differentiate which outbound route to use

All calls from ext 20 are calls.

Again, are they fax calls or voicecalls?

Sorry, voice calls

Then route your fax calls with a different “prepend” through the appropriate outbound route.

I am quite new to this, can you be more specific?

Read the wiki a few times it is linked to above.

Just to understand: I need to prepend a specific # to the Outbound rule; then each extension that has that prepend will go through that route?

Just read the wiki. it’s all in there.

Thanks, you mean the FreePbx wiki? Asterisk wiki?.. which wiki?

The wiki referenced at the top of the page you are looking at right now

Ok, I looked at it, thanks! There are many topics and several pages on the wiki: which topic should i read for this issue?

All of them. No spoon-feeding here.

It’s not about spoon-feeding here, but not knowing what to look for

It’s all in the wiki , if you don’t absorb it all then you won’t know anything , does that not make sense?

I undrstand your point.

Now imagine you are looking for an office at the IRS and after you asked for help to an employee she tells you “read the entire tax code, it’s all in there” how would that help? :slight_smile:

Actually no, it’s in the 1040 short form, just try it.in the three hours of bitching about how you don’t want to learn anything, you would now likely have your answer.

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