Well, for a new user, let me say it isnt so easy

I’m a telecomms professional, but I am afraid to say I feel like a complete amateur with this system. I’ve read through so may threads and documents but I cant find the REALLY basic stuff to get me going. I get 99% of the FreePBX config as it’s standard PABX setup, but I cant get to do the simple thing of connecting a SIP phone (soft or hard) to Asterisk.

I need a real dummies guide to SIP. Like, does the SIP phone need to register with Asterisk? If so where in Asterisk do I set up the user name and password? (Do I need to set up a user name and password??) If I set up an extension I can only see where I set up a “secret” - presumably this is a password for the client?? What is the Deny field for? If my SIP phone has a fixed IP can I set this up in Asterisk somewhere?

What I need is someone to imagine I have NEVER worked with SIP, but have worked with TDM PABX all my life, to tell me how to set up extensions both at the extension end, and the Asterisk end.

Whats a registrar? What is an anonymous connection? Where do I set up the asteisk details in the cliet? where do I set up the client details in asterisk?

Sorry guys I know you are rolling your eyes and sighing, but I need to tell you for a new entrant into SIP/Asterisk I am at the point of giving up.

Anyone fancy becoming my mentor?

Just to bottom out the obvious questions :- Asterisknow install on a VMWare virtual machine using CentOS (CentOS, asterisk, and all the other stuff out of the box), configuring Asterisk via FreePBX, trying to use a Swissvoice IP10s SIP phone, SIP Communicator softphone, and a Phonerlite softphone. Getting nowhere.


The swiss voice is a poor choice as it is not a popular phone. Get an Aastra or Polycom for testing.

I help people that help themselves. There are a ton of info on SIP on the Internet.

As far as the Asterisk specific stuff pick up a guide online of one of the “xxx without tears guides” all the distributions are close enough that you will be able to figure out the basics.

Good luck and have fun. I look forward to more specific questions from you.

The “Extensions” tab is where you set up extensions in FreePBX. How you set up the phone depends on the phone. I agree that the AAstra phone is easy to set up. I’d get one of those and practice on it before going with some of the lesser known brands.

I think one thing that is leading you astray is the statement you make:“I’m a telecomms professional…I get 99% of the FreePBX config as it’s standard PABX setup.”

Although the functions are similar, setup of a legacy PABX is totally different from setting up an Asterisk/FreePBX system. You need to drop any preconceived notions you have and start from the beginning.

Finally, if you’re serious about this, drop the VMWARE and go with a dedicated server. VMWARE works…most of the time…but can be flaky at best. It just adds a layer of complexity when you are trying to troubleshoot.

You might try the PBX-in-a-Flash distribution.

Finally, do download a copy of the “without tears” docs. Although each flavor of FreePBX is slightly different, there is enough similarity to get you going.