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Dear All,

My name is vat ping, i am new learner of FreePBX. Every think am not clear, but i have one sienario to express my puposh for setting up FreePBX system, please follow with my sienario bellow:

  • i had setup FreePBX in my local network and i had created for 4 extention such as 1001;1002;1003,1004 and i assigned on 1001 for dailing, for all extention (1002;1003;1004) dail to 1001 the system will automatic alert with

"Welcome to ABC company, please press
+ 0 for listion to instruction guide
- press (a) for listion the question
- press © for select the answer
- press (b) for listion the answer
+ * for back to the instruction guide "

any one please share your idia if you have, i am waiting for your sharing ,
best regard,
from vat ping,

You need to use the IVR module. Have you studied the module documentation?

a,b,c are not valid DTMF digits, you can only use 1-0 * or #

Hello SkykingOH,
can i upload file that we have created with the other way and then upload it to system recording on freepbx or not?

best regard,
vat ping,

You can from the systems recording module. As specified in the module documentation the file must be wav 8khz mono format.

Dear All,
How are you all,i wish you fine. I have one question would like to ask all of you, i want to setup for testing IVR system but not yet apply for Outsite call just work in local and not configured with any device to My FreePBX yet, so for this i need to configure IVR connect with Inbound route for create DID or not ? becuase i want my extention (example: 1001, 1002)call to 5555 and then will get system sound from IVR…

Let me guess, English is not your fist language?

When you create an IVR it assigns an internal extension you can use for testing.


I did not know that an extension was automatically created. How do you determine what extension is created. I can’t seem to find it in the GUI or any of the configs.

I was wrong IVR’s don’t create and extension, just use misc. destinations.

Hi all,
I am using AsteriskNOW version 2, I can create an IVR, but how do I assign
it an extension, so I can dial or transfer users to that IVR? Thanks in
advance for the help. I checked the freepbx docs but didn’t find any
answers, As i wish is (Customer will have a dail to 777 and then go to IVR…).

As I said use a misc. destination.

I am using AsteriskNOW-2.0.2 it equal to FreePBX, after installation, i had a checked with with Misc Destinations module but it don’t come with, so i tried to Install the Misc Destinations module by Go to Module Admin, Check for updates online. After the page has reloaded, it still not show for Misc Destinations module.
can you tell me how can it found Misc Destination module.

thanks with best regard,

It should, it’s in the repo:


I made a mistake, it’s misc. applications you want to use, that lets you assign a dial code to any destination.

If you can’t pull it from module admin you can download and manually install.

Hello ALL,
I don’t know what is my mistake? I have created IVR with file recode, Disabled 7777 in feature code and then created a new 7777 feature code on musc application and i try dail to 7777 by using 3cxphone but i got “we have not received the board address phone please try again” may be like this.
please help to verifie what is my mistake or missing somthing,

best regard,

“we have not received the board address phone please try again”

That can’t possibly be what the message says. Would you like to try again.

Can you post log output when you try and make the call?

Dear All,

Thanks Scott, for IVR now it’s working, but now I have one more scenario that is required to run script when the systme got the dailing, it like to “Answer the question to win” let me show you my scenario:
Dailler dail 1234 (to join the game)=> Greeting Message and introduction
press 1 to play now

  • ((check press)when player press 1, the system will load and run one script for “check press”)
    press 2 to listen the instruction
    press 3 concel the playing

    Any one know about this please share your experiences,
    thanks with the best regard,