Weird OpenVPN issue. Phone connects to server, but does not register and disconnects after a few minutes

Hey all,

This issue has us a bit stumped and we thought someone over here could give us some ideas of where to look.

The server is on version

The vpn is set up through sysadmin pro and the phones are Sangoma phones managed through endpoint manager.

The vpn was working fine until it needed to regenerate the cert. After which none of the phones work. The Server was rebooted later the same day, and that did not resolve the issues.

I set up a new extension for testing and it connects to the vpn just fine, BUT the phone doesn’t register, and it drops the connection after a few minutes. While I can see some TLS errors coming in for some of the other phones that we have not done any troubleshooting on yet, the OpenVPN log for this test phone looks great. I don’t see any registration attempts for our test phone in the asterisk logs.

Does this apply to your situation?


six months the CRL will expire and all phones will stop connecting forcing us to go to the VPN Server and disable > save > enable > save in System Admin to get it to restart and regenerate a new CRL.

the cert was regenerated, we can connect a phone to the VPN it just isn’t , as far as I can tell, passing traffic.

What do the phone logs say?

Regarding the phone in question nothing. I even turned on verbose logging and debugging.
The VPN log along with the gui suggests an active connection. I can’t ping the phone over the vpn, but I’m not sure if I should be able to in the first place.

does the vpn phone show a vpn address. Maybe you can do a wireshark on the VPN and see what’s happening between the box and the phone.

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