Weird asterisk log entries

Started seeing this over and over again on a new pbx I spun up yesterday. Sangoma S505 and S500 phones are attached.

[2022-04-07 13:13:42] NOTICE[11435] res_pjsip_exten_state.c: Endpoint ‘204’ state subscription failed: Extension ‘992112041’ does not exist in context ‘from-internal’ or has no associated hint

Anyone know what’s causing it?

Device 204, presumably extension 204, asked to be told the state of extension 992112041, but Asterisk is not tracking the state of that. Typically it would do that to maintain a busy lamp field lamp. However, based on likely uses of numbers, the number doesn’t seem to relate to a FreePBX extension, but rather to a PSTN number.

A hint is a special dialplan entry used to tell Asterisk what device(s) are associated with an Asterisk extension number. In the normal FreePBX operating mode, device names are the same the Asterisk extension number, so hints are less useful, but still have to be used.

that still doesn’t make sense because there is nothing anywhere in the config with that number (that I know of).

It’s coming from the phone config, not from Asterisk.

well that’s interesting…

Forum software has mangled the string. It’s related to a Phone Apps button on the phone. Just ignore.


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