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This might be more of a general question but since I installed 3.0 with freeswitch I thought I better put it here. I have installed everything and was very happy with the wizard, I had no issues (so far) getting all the PHP configurations done, but now that I have successfully installed everytime I click on a link on the server it goes to http://serverindex.php/user/index.html instead of http://server/index.php/user/index.html That one little / is driving me crazy… Where can I add this?

YAY, fixed this one myself… the problem was the following:

$config[‘site_domain’] = ‘’;

should be

$config[‘site_domain’] = ‘/’;

not sure if this is a bug or something having to do with the wizard… I did have a / in the blank for the wizard

Hey there -
Thanks for trying out v3.

Why did you manually edit this in the first place? Or are you saying the installer removed your slash?

I can't seem to recreate this...
  • Darren