WebRTC which to recommend

I implemented a few days ago the webrtc included in the FreePBX panel

But if you wanted an open source webrtc, to be integrated into other web interfaces, what would you recommend?

Asterisk maybe? I’m not sure I understand the question here. What would be the use case? Like for a click to dial app using webrtc?

The point is that I would like to install an open source webrfc on freepbx and I don’t know which one to choose

Not sure what you want, there is a server already running on your machine available at


You can log into it from any client, jitsi And googles webrtc project come to mind,. the client needs to run on the to share audio/video, over html5 , you could start with sipml5 on your server as a start , to see it working.

Yes the wss service works i am already using it with the freepbx webrtc
But I would like advice on an opersource project for webrtc
A simple project suitable for working with freepbx

Asterisk, and thus FreePBX, supports SIP over Websockets for WebRTC. Anything that supports that should work.

WebRTC itself is a set of APIs provided by the browser to allow real time communication. There are various libraries, such as JsSIP, which use these to provide a SIP client in the browser. Some provide examples, but generally it is up to you to use the libraries and make a solution. WebRTC itself is only a tool.

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Are you saying you want to get more involved with the FreePBX Project and add a feature using WebRTC?


I am looking for an open source webrtc project because I have my own software that I would like to integrate with the webrtc functions

Dicko already listed several options. Also look at sip.js and jssip.


thank you
I’ll keep you up-to-date

Just remember something here to while you’re doing this and could be asking for more help. The only thing FreePBX will be doing for you is providing WSS connectivity to the endpoints. Anything you do WebRTC related is not FreePBX unless you are specifically trying to use the WebRTC phone in the UCP.

Of course I’ve already used freepbx’s webrtc and I must say I like it.
Now is the time to do more I have to see what …
I have already tried something but for now I am not satisfied

To be pedantic, wss:// is provided by asterisk not FreePBX, so on the reverse side, the only thing FreePBX related is in ucp ( and zulu)


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