Webrtc: UCP Phone calls inside LAN work, but no audio through firewall

I’ve set up 2 new extensions and got UCP Phone/webrtc to work correclty while inside the LAN.
PBX firewall, certs, pjsip advanced settings, etc for both extensions were set and things work.
but…i cannot get it to work through the firewall.
I am forwarding ports 4443, 8003, 8089. I can login to ucp and make and receive phone calls with the UCP phone but there is no audio either way. I’ve tried with 2 clients ourside the firewall and also one inside and one outside. There is never any audio. As I mentioned, when both are inside audio works fine.
So my first question would be

  • is this a 100% firewall issue? I can’t say I use this firewall (Unifi) very well, so I might be doing something wrong.
  • are there addicional serttings in the PBX that might only affect the phones outside the firewall? I do have sip serttings NAT and the external IP correctly set (I think)

additional info. We have lots of SIP trunks outside the firewall and lots of pjsip clients inside the firewall. I have never used SIP or PJSIP clients outside the firewall, only trunks. The webrtc clients are a first attempt.

Any hints? anyone? I’ve run out of ideas.
thank you.

This sounds like the standard problem with softphones inside and outside the network.

My experience (granted, not with UCP) is that a softphone inside the network has all of the pertinent addresses for a local LAN call set. Move that out of the network and you need a completely different set of network parameters (routable address, etc.)

Also. make sure your external firewall is set up to forward the ports used to the server.

so same ports and settings for sip apply to webrtc?

which ports have to be allowed and which ports have to be forwarded? my logic is ports like 5060 have to be forwarded into the pbx but 10000-20000 should simply be allowed bidirectionally. Is this correct?

thank you.

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