WebRTC, TLS, SRTP, DTLS and so on

Hello everyone. I’m totally confused about configuring WebRTC and TLS/SRTP/DTLS.

I’ve added certificate on my FreePBX distro. I somehow managed to get WebRTC in UCP working.
After this my softphones (3Cx versioon 6, Eyebeam 1.5.19) lost capability to make calls.

if SRTP in extension settings is YES and eyebeam signalling transport is “prefer to make and accept encrypted calls” = Insufficient information in SDP (c=)...
if SRTP in extension settings is YES, but eyebeam signalling transport is “make normal calls, accept all calls” =
chan_sip.c:10715 process_sdp: Failed to receive SDP offer/answer with required SRTP crypto attributes for audio.

Same when SRTP encription in extension settings is NO

Later i somehow lost working webrtc in UCP, again that red-yellow blinking phone sign…

I enabled TLS in asterisk mini-http server, i enabled tlsv1 in sip settings. = those are for webRTC, right?

but i dont know when to enable/disable these:
SRTP Encryption

Were you guys able to get UCP/WEBrtc and softphones working?
Question: how to set up WEBrtc without broking anything which is already configured.

P.S. I have a “palmmicro” sip phone with no DTSL or SRTP enabled, it works fine make and accept calls from other sip phones or webrtc. When i answer call from softphone on that phone, the call is established. but when i try to answer call from phone on softphone : Insufficient information in SDP (c=)...
Softphone configured to allow normal and encrypted calls.