I just got started with FreePBX a few days ago and I’ve been reading through different tutorials and documentation and I still can’t get the damn softphone or WebRTC to work. The documentation on WebRTC setup is inaccurate and there was even a post on here about it and the person said they fixed it but didn’t do a good job explaining what they did.

I have done everything exactly as it is described in the documentation yet it still won’t work

Welcome to the forum Jason.

More details please, the words softphone and webrtc could refer to many different things. What docs are you following?

ok so knowing nothing about how this works, this is what I am trying to accomplish. I need a business phone system. I need an autodialer for marketing.
this is the documentation I used https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/WebRTC+Phone-UCP I’m not sure why it’s showing an error right now

Wiki is down at the moment, someone is on it.

Broad strokes for using the UCP phone from a modern browser

  • You need a real TLS cert, either free from LetsEncrypt or one you buy and upload which will also require an FQDN that resolves to the pbx. Done in Certificate Management
  • You need to configure apache to use the TLS cert, and configure https ports for admin and ucp. Done in System Admin
  • You need to configure Asterisk SIP settings to use the TLS cert and to enable the webrtc signaling. Prob need to restart Asterisk.
  • You need to enable webrtc phone for the UCP user

With the above in place, you then need to be able to browse to https://pbxfqdn:port/ucp and get a page to display with no errors or cert issues.

At least with Firefox, you may have to override one of its about:config settings, which would otherwise stop your accessing strange port numbers. (I was assuming the port was the WebRTC port, but I think it is actually the normal FreePBX GUI port. I’d assumed this was a direct test of the WebRTC, when it is actually another user of the same one.)

(I thing “real” means signed by a CA known and trusted by the web browser. You could add a corporate CA to corporate PCs, but it would be unwise for customers to install it on their PCs.)

I already did all the certificate and FQDN things. I don’t understand the last thing you said

UCP phone can work but it’s pretty limited. I would call it one of the least-loved features in UCP! Is there a specific reason you want to use it instead of a different softphone option? The Sangoma softphones (Sangoma Phone desktop, Sangoma Talk mobile) are full-featured or you can install a SIP softphone like Zoiper, Linphone, Bria, and others. Acrobits Groundwire for mobile.

Mainly because I don’t know what I’m doing. How would I go about using what you’re talking about?

Seems like you’re close to getting UCP phone to work. Do you have the phone widget displaying in UCP?

what error?

There are a lot of steps to set up the other softphones too so you might as well finish this exercise before moving on to something else.

The error I was referring to is the wiki. The phone displays on the UCP as “Zulu Softphone”

Yeah, what happens then? It fails to register? Or it registers but you can’t receive or place calls? It’s a javascript app so you can probably get some error messages out of the browser’s developer console.

It won’t even let me push any number buttons. On the Zulu desktop app however, it lets me dial then says originating call then doesn’t actually show any call dialog and that originating call banner goes away

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