Webrtc no longer working, wrong password, unclear what to disable, worked before

The freepbx webphone used to work fine, but recently we updated to the latest Asterisk version 18.6.0.
Now when we login to the UCP the softphone/webrtc is not registring:

Phone Status: Registration Failed

And in logs of Asterisk:

[2022-02-08 20:00:46] NOTICE[10588] chan_sip.c: Registration from '<sip:[email protected]>' failed for 'xxxx.xxxxx.xxxxx:14094' - Wrong password

We have a valid SSL certifcate and we have set in the extension 402 (chan_pjsip) advanced settings:

Enable WebRTC defaults: Yes

I saw this reference (from 2018) but I am unclear what to actually do:
WebRTC and SIPML5 - Wrong password

Can someone help me out.
It used to work by the way.

In the general advanced settings I set this:

SIP Channel Driver: chan_pjsip

The webrtc is registered but the phone is ringing yet audio is not working.

Maybe a related error in the log:

[2022-02-08 20:43:44] ERROR[2411] pjproject: 	   icess0x7ff284fd9048 ..Error sending STUN request: Network is unreachable

We have had to reset this setting as the external phone could not connect or got cut-off after a few seconds. So the setting seems to break our main lines.
So we are back at the beginning.

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