webRTC mysteriously appeared under Digium Phones

Hello, New guy here that’s just getting into freepbx. I did a search but didn’t find anything addressing this.

My problem (not sure it’s even a problem) is that previously when I looked under Connectivity>Digium Phones, I would only see the phones we have configured. Now there is WebRTC for one of my extensions. I have since disabled webrtc in the modules, but it is still showing up when I look under digium phones. There isn’t any device present for it, so it’s mostly my OCD at this point, but I would like to get that removed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Just a note in case anyone else ever encounters this. I found both the source of the problem and the fix. The problem was caused due to WebRTC being enabled for a user(me) and then someone (also me) disabling WebRTC in modules, then removing it entirely. If removed (or disabled), the user that had WebRTC enabled will still show it as an available configurations option. With WebRTC uninstalled or disabled, the option to turn it on and off for the user also disappears. Meaning there is a useless WebRTC config option always showing up under Digium phones in the Connectivity menu (and also on each phone when pulling up available configurations).

To fix this I simply had to re-install and enable WebRTC. It is then possible to go into the User Management and disable it for the user…Problem solved!

Note: All this was with a system using the Digium Phones add-on module.