WebRTC Integration with FreePBX

Hello, I am new to the FreePBX and I had a few question regarding the same. I have developed a WebRTC application for audio and video calling, now I want to add a dialer pad to it and integrate with FreePBX system. Firstly my question is that can FreePBX be easily integrated with webRTC applications ? If yes, then a general overview how it can be done.

If anyone can help me out a bit, that would be great.

AFAIK, FreePBX already has all the configuration ready for WebRTC that you need to have [1]

In fact, FreePBX has its own UCP WebRTC phone which might be challenging for some, but it’s working once configured properly.

With that being said, some of the settings, such as video calling you have to enable in the SIP Settings.


P.S. if you Google “Asterisk WebRTC” or “FreePBX WebRTC” you’ll get a ton of resources.

Yes, I have searched over it and I read its integration. I was just unsure of that, i am not using SIP protocol for WebRTC application. Would i need to integrate a JSSip gateway to achieve the purpose ?

Sorry I pasted the wrong link. Corrected now.

I am not sure about JSSip.

I would say, that you should try first try connecting sipml5.org’s demo…


Asterisk only supports SIP as a signaling protocol for WebRTC out of the box. Any other protocols would require writing their own implementation in C in Asterisk, or something external to change the signaling into SIP.

Actually my target right now is to create a solution plan and then start working on it. So just to be clear i wanna lay down my understanding of the possible solution. As i have a webrtc application for audio and video calls using signalR for signalling, I would have to integrate a SIP gateway in order for FreePBX to listen to my WebRTC application. Configuring some IP Desk Phones with FreePBX, I will have be able to make a call from my webRTC application to an IP Phone.

Is that correct ?

That is correct.

There is two more question. I have to buy 2 or 3 phones for testing purposes with FreePBX. I am confused between S Series and D Series. Which is the better option ?

Searching over the web, people were more inclined towards D65.

Secondly, whats the advantage of purchasing a FreePBX device instead of installing FreePBX software myself ?

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