WebRTC Call Panel - Can I change versions, and/or use in other pages?

I was just checking out the WebRTC Call Panel in the UCP, it is pretty cool and works as advertised on Chrome in Windows. I had a few questions about it:

  1. My call panel looks like this:

but on http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/User+Control+Panel+-+WebRTC+Phone the call panel looks like this:

It would be nice to have those extra buttons (Hold/Conference/Transfer/Volume/Mute). Is there any way to enable those in the dialer I get, or to conjure up the dialer shown in your wiki?

  1. I saw that you have a link to the WebRTC code for your WebRTC dialer: http://git.freepbx.org/projects/FREEPBX/repos/webrtc/browse

I was just wondering if it is kosher for us to use the code to try to add that same call panel to a page besides UCP, such as the iSymphony portal or our Salesforce page.