webRTC and physical endpoint both will not work simultaneously

Have a V15 PBX fully patched. Standard FreePBX extension using PJSip / TLS / SRTP and a Yealink endpoint. Been working great for a long time.

I need to have webRTC work so I enable AVPF for an extension (advanced setting at the extension level) and now webRTC work great!! Unfortunately, the physical Yealink extension stops working. If I set AVPF off for the extension in FreePBX, the physical endpoint starts working again.

With AVPF on, the physical extension registers, but when a call is attempted it says “Not acceptable here”. Again, I only change the AVPF to off at the extension in FreePBX and the physical endpoint again works without issue.

Need to have both physical endpoint and webRTC working, to allow easy “work from home” scenario for a 100 seat client.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

You can’t. WebRTC support and traditional endpoints is incompatible using the same extension, you’d have to have two extensions.


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