Webmin into FreePBX no apache module

Hi i have instal FreePBX and also webmin and i can run the module of apache server.
We like to add more website into server using the webmin

Any ones know how to config the apache module from webmin ?

thank you

You might want to start with


This site is for supporting FreePBX :slight_smile:

Hi dicko
i will ready now thank you

i have ready

the modelue of webmin tell me

The Apache root directory /etc/apache does not exist. If you have Apache installed, adjust the module configuration to use the correct paths.

where i can see are all paths of install of apache

thnak you

Sorry, but you have just done something wrong, again this is a support forum for FreePBX not Webmin. so you will needfully actually have to (as suggested)

. . .

adjust the module configuration to use the correct paths.

. . .

Does that not make sense?

In general the Document root for httpd or apache2 will be /var/www/html or for older Debian based systems /var/www/ for other OS’sd you will need to research.

thank you dicko

also where i cam download the module intruption detection whit fail2ban