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Been tinkering with FreePBX & PBXact, and I end up having multple tabs open, knowing which one is which is confusing me.

Is there anyway to change the page title as shown in the tab to something more memorable, or have the system use something specific?


Hi @TomF

May be you can try to enable below field.

FreePBX UI → Setting → Advanced Setting


Its easy when you know how. I searched the advanced page for “title” and “page”, did think to use “browser”.

Thanks so much for the fast response, really apprecaited.

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You can also set a custom HTML title in MySQL:

mysql -u root -D asterisk -e "update freepbx_settings set value='TITLE-HERE' where keyword='BRAND_TITLE';"

That’s worth knowing Adell4444 - helps when looking at automating deployment. Thanks for sharing.

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