Web UI - Keyboard shortcuts? Particularly, for the search box


does FreePBX have any keyboard shortcuts available in the normal web UI?

The one I am missing the most is one to access the Search box on the top-right:


For those who don’t know, that box is super-useful, allowing you to search not only command names to quickly get to the appropriate screen, but also values like an extension number or a dynamic route name.

It is quite simply the fastest way to move around FreePBX, much better than the (sorry) bloated menus. I’d love to have a way to reach that instantly, without having to reach for the mouse.

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Well, it seems, from the lack of answers, that this feature doesn’t exist.

Does anybody know how to recreate it with some Firefox extension, for example? A bit of Javascript?

In Chrome, after loading a page (press ctrl-R if you have already moved the selection):

  1. Press shift-tab twice (search button should be highlighted)
  2. Press enter (search box should appear)
  3. Type query.
  4. Use arrow keys to select desired result.
  5. Press enter to execute.
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Thanks. That’s helpful, at least for a few cases.

But it’s a bit flaky because it depends on where the focus is, initially. Often I would have to that Refresh you suggest, and that is slow and sort of defeats the purpose of moving around fast.

On any screen, if you are not in a text field, just start typing. It activates the search box.

edit: appears inconsistent. I realized if you move into a text field and click out of it then this shortcut is disabled.

This is killer. I had no idea this was there.

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