Web server time out

Hi everyone,

Asterisk v1.
FreePBX v2.10.1.10

Until last week I was using AsteriskNow and previous to that Trixbox. Both of which worked without the problem I’m experiencing with FreePBX; Frequent webserver timeouts and general slowness of web page opening.

I have re installed and to my knowledge have everything configured correctly. the only error I see on boot, apart from one about wanpipe failure due to no config is the following.

HTTPD couldn’t reliable determine the servers FQDN. Using for server name.

So the help I seek is

  • How to get rid of this error
  • Will fixing this error sort the slow web page issue
  • If not how to fix slow web page opening

Thanks in advance

What Distro did you use to install?

Hi tonyclewis,

FreePBX-1.817.210.58-x86_64-Full-1350436394.iso downloaded from htt p://downloads.freepbxdistro.org/ISO/

Has anyone any suggestions as to what may be causing this issue?

You should add a FQDN to /etc/hosts for, example:- pbx.local

if you have an external name, add that also for external access pbx.myreal.tld

make sure your httpd.conf file reflect that for “Servername”

In general you will need whatever name resolution service you are using be responsive to those names from wherever you are coming from.


Thanks for the reply.

I have left the ServerName rem’d out but changed the entry in the host file for now to point the host name to and that gets rid of the http error on boot. Will come back to this later.

I suspect lack of memory may be partly to do withe the slow/ web time outs, correct me if I’m wrong, have added some more and will monitor for improvements

i just cranked up a cloud system on digital ocean and used the conversion script for 6.5 posted on the wiki

frequent timeouts - haven’t caught anything in the logs yet