Web problems

I was attempting to make a few changes on a customer’s system, and it seems that the config.php page is generating a 500 error. I’ve checked the usual suspects, php, permissions, etc. and nothing seems to be coming up.

It asks for the auth from our freepbx.conf file and it’s authenticating through the ampusers table, but we don’t have anything after that. From all indications, http is working correctly, as a test page we have loads, webmin works, etc.

httpd logs don’t show much of anything other than the favicon.ico doesn’t exist.

I’m tempted to just reinstall freepbx, but I don’t know what version this is on, and what impact if any would installing 2.9 (i know it’s not 2.10) over whatever is there would be? The copy of the files in my usr/src seem to indicate this was originally a 2.8 tarball, and I’m fairly certain it was upgraded to 2.9 at some point. Looking through the db in the module_xml table, i see, so maybe it crapped out upgrading from 2.8? It’s been a while since anyone was on this box.

I attempted to run module_admin help from the command line and nothing comes up.

Any ideas where to start?



I decided to just reinstall 2.9 from the tarball, as I was sure that it was at least somewhere in the vicinity. During the install, it warned about some php not being there. I checked yum updates, and everything was updated, so remove/install php and all components, seems to have solved the issue.