Web Interface Voicemail Login Problem When User Changes Password Using Recordings/Settings GUI

Looking for recommendations on current problem with Voicemail module when users change password from Settings Menu under Voicemail recordings page, the next time they login with GUI (recordings/index.php), the login (username/password) is not recognized.

In voicemail.conf the format looks good with the correct extension/password.
XXX5551212 => NumPasswd,Name,address,attach=yes|saycid=no|envelope=no|delete=no

Using Admin Extensions settings the password value looks like recently entered value and matched the /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf condition. Under Admin page/login, I can submit using same values and then user can login with recent password change.

To help save some debug time - can you clarify if FreePBX uses table for this password field (wonder if extra space or char is stored at end of passwd). When I look at user table using mysql the password field is not populated
mysql> select password from asterisk.users where extension = ‘xxxx’;

Can someone clarify with the /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf is used to store this field, or if this is a copy/extract of another table? Any suggestions on where problem could be is appreciated. User can login using phone handset and recently changed password value, but not GUI when in this condition.

FreePBX ARI Framework