Web interface PAINFULLY slow

So my web interface is painfully slow. Going to the extensions and having it load the extensions (All 8 or so of them) can take upwards of 30+ seconds.
The system is running as a virtual machine, but is allocated a lot of resources, and doesn’t use much of them (I am guessing it doesn’t require a lot) Its allocated 8 GB of ram. It uses 1.5 of it. Allocated 4 cores, uses less then 10% of what is allocated to it.
It is running on a mechanical drive, but nothing that should cause this much slowdown.
Any ideas?

I know that Ajax can be really slow over remote connections, but that is usually if the ping time is quite high. Try disable signature checking in Advanced settings. I know that seems to help if the ping time is high but that might not be your problem.

Open the browser inspector and see what is contributing to the longer load time, as a starting point.

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