Web GUI not work after restarting PBX

I configured the PBXact, then turned it off to take it to the customer.
When I turned it back on the wb GUI no longer starts, while the SSH cli works.

I tried again with a second 25 appliance that I have at home and I have the same problem.

I ask you for help.

Thank you


Did you configure it with a fixed IP address and is the IP range different at the new location? In addition, check your firewall settings. You should be able to access the GUI, when you restart the server…before the firewall starts.

Forgive me, I gave few details.

I checked both the IP address and the Firewall, and still I can access from the SSH CLI.

I then tried with another PBX leaving it on the same network and it has the same problem, when restarting the GUI cannot be accessed.

I have activated over 100 pbxs and have never had this problem.

I will also open a support ticket

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