Web Call Back Calling Incorrect Misc. Destination

Friends, I’m having a bit of an issue here. I have created a new call back and MISC DESTINATION which I’m setting to a very different phone number. However, the call is being piped through to another misc destination?? Any ideas why freepbx might be doing this?

Not without a log or two :slight_smile:

Which one are you looking for? Will a copy and paste from the log file suffice?

https://aosystemsgroup.com/full.txt ← log file

Several calls in that log but they all boil down to

[2024-03-09 14:54:29] VERBOSE[12219][C-00000019] pbx.c: Executing [2@ext-miscdests:1] NoOp("Local/6475106450@webcallback-1-0000000f;1", "MiscDest: Blue Marble") in new stack
[2024-03-09 14:54:29] VERBOSE[12219][C-00000019] pbx.c: Executing [2@ext-miscdests:2] Goto("Local/6475106450@webcallback-1-0000000f;1", "from-internal,816478684721,1") in new stack
[2024-03-09 14:54:29] VERBOSE[12219][C-00000019] pbx_builtins.c: Goto (from-internal,816478684721,1)

Bluemarble calls 816478684721, but that is not doesn’t exist natively North or South of the Border

I can see that. The ID associated with Web Call Back is =14, blue marble is 12. Not sure I’m understanding why it’s using an ID that’s not associated. Not sure if it might be something in cache?

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