Web based extensions list

Does anyone have a script or some other known way of getting a directory export or other function that would allow us to have a web accessible extension list that automatically updates as extensions change? we post our extension list on our company intranet and it would be advantageous to be able to just have it be an automatic thing instead of doing a bulk export on our extension list and formatting that correctly

Sometimes I’m amazed at what isn’t in Freepbx and this is one of them. Why can’t I generate an extension list that unprivileged users can view? That seems like such a simple task? Why not have a list of extensions in the UCP? Seems like a logical place for it.

UCP has the Contacts Manager widget. When you create an extension, by default, a user is created, and thus an internal contact. I think this is the best way to give your users access to an extension list. Besides Contact Manager, there are a few ways you can generate an extension list:

  • Reports → Print Extensions
  • GraphQL API
  • Bulk Handler CSV export
  • MySQL query

A simple script for displaying the Print Extensions report without auth:

$bootstrap_settings['freepbx_auth'] = false;
require_once "/etc/freepbx.conf";
echo \FreePBX::Printextensions()->getSections();

Add your own CSS to style the output and you’re done.


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