Weak Secret

Hi all

for 10 months now i can’t get rid of the message 1 extension/trunk has weak secret.

Theissue i have is the ti have deleted everything to do with this extension yet i can’t get rid of the message. so my question is how do i get rid of this completely?

any way to get rid of this?

I think the secret it refers to is in the associated extension settings. try changing it, you will of course have to enter this new detail into any device using extension.

I have already tried his and deleted the extension. Yet I am still getting the warning…

When you fill in the secret under general extension settings, it should indicate strength, really weak, so-so, good or strong while you type in the password. if it indicates that the secret is so-so, good or strong then it’s not what I think it is - maybe someone else could suggest.

that is not the problem…

the problem is the extension doesn’t exist yet i m still getting a notification that it has a weak secret