We Need Show Number Of trunk When Incoming calls As Agent

We Need Show Number Of trunk When Incoming calls As Agent

You mean the DID? You want it to show where?

we have
PRI Card (line example company 1)

GSM Card (line example company 2)

Analog card same server (line example company 3 )

ane we have 20 agent when incoming any calls show did its done

we need + did + show trunk

To know which number the call came from

My explanation is clear or no


If this doesn’t help, please post details:
What device or software will display the info?
What info is being displayed there now (caller’s number, caller’s name, etc.)?
Is there a CRM system that needs the trunk indication in a specific format?

Wrong explanation method I apologize to you

I will write the explanation in an understandable way

we have this is trunk As clear in the picture

I am contracted to 2 supermarkets as an example

John Supermarket
Clark Supermarket

john super market incomnic calls trunk PRI
Clark Supermarket incoming calls from trunk 01121377771 and 01154195522


and we have 6 agent As clear in the picture

All agents are received from all lines
How can I explain the name of the supermarket where the call came from for agent

When the phone rings the caller ID appears As clear in the picture

I want to add a name of trunk


j means jhon supermarket
k means klarc super market
As clear in the picture

I think the explanation is good

So as far as I understand it, you want the caller ID to include the site name and the DID (the number that person called)

Then use the Set CID module, set the caller ID name section to Something like this:

J ${FROM_DID:-4}: ${CALLERID(name)} 

This will include the last 4 digits of the DID.

Now point the destination where the inbound route goes, and point the inbound route to this Set CID record.

You can create one for each company.

very very very thank’s
it’s working

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