We need a native audio engine for streaming hold music

mpg123 has some issues that can be solved with a streaming engine replacement, preferably inside of FreePBX. For example, when the stream is unavailable, mpg123 aggressively tries to reconnect. So much so that the streaming server can see it as an attack and shut it down. Another point is that mpg123 is looking for icecast mp3, which is fine, but then it has to get it down to a useable format. Why not allow a stream such as a PCM that is made for hold messages/music? We’re doing it on other platforms. We also can stream in HLS, which uses bigger chunks and is more stable. Who wants to collaborate?

Since asterisk is the thing that handles the connectivity and audio for FreePBX you may have better luck going to https://community.asterisk.org/

ffmpeg should work for live streaming most anything

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From an Asterisk perspective, if a feature request is desired then they are filed at GitHub - asterisk/asterisk-feature-requests: A place to submit feature and improvement requests for the Asterisk project. Contains no code. by creating an issue.