We have some complex problem (GSM)

dear support
we have server
1- FreePBX-64bit-6.12.65
2- Sangoma Card FOX 4Channel A200
3- Sangoma Card GSM 4 Channel W400
4- we have 25 Agents
5- we have 30 Employees
4- We Have Some Mudole Original(Caller ID Management&System Admin Pro & etc.)

We have some complex problem. If any span is down (or was down and then became up), all other spans (GSM) get down. And if there was any running call (trunk, extension-to-extension, …etc )is immediately terminated/hung-up. I tried re-installing FreePBX, and still the same problem.

The problem in FreePBX
PLZ HELP Coz was stop Server Until Fix This Problem.

Why does not anyone respond to my problem

@fleex1 it’s likely that because you posted the same question in about five different threads, it was ignored by anyone that may have the inclination to help you. And then you opened yet another thread to talk solely about people not responding to you. (I moved it to your original question.)

You should also let everyone now what version of Asterisk you are running as well.

asterrisk 11

I would offer help - but this is beyond me.
He has Sangoma products, he’s got some commercial modules. Who cares if he’s offended someone’s sense
of propriety for cross posting. He deserves our assistance!

Most of those post were flagged and auto removed by the community , I merged his additional post this morning, and tried to provide some direction. Maybe he could post some system logs, without that it’s a huge guessing game to what is broken in his system. As for support on the commercial applications, with any of our commercial modules you can always open bug tickets with us on those, but his issue is likely not associated with those items and something specific in his configuration.

All his symptoms point to his Sangoma GSM driver crashing asterisk, so /var/log/asterisk/full will show little, maybe /var/log/messages.

@fleex1 has apparently got an ineptly crafted installation with a huge /home lvm partition, he has yet to answer how he managed that, nor how he installed his system. I have tried in the past but am apparently ignored by him.

I would recommend he follows


we will see . . .