Way newbie questions - please help

Ok, I am brand new to the concept of doing my own PBX.

First: What are the system/hardware requirements for a PC running the freepbx distro?

What services do I need to buy? I know I need a DID, and trunk? I see the ad for unlimted for 24.99 but wondering if there is something cheaper out there. (I may not need unlimited).


Many of your questions are answered here:

There’s no right answer on the hardware requirements, but just about any modern PC that can run windows 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista, or 7 will work just fine. A lot of people are using atom powered systems (i.e., netbooks). You can find a very active forum for hobbyists at pbxinaflash.com.

If you want to make outgoing calls, you can subscribe to a SIP trunking service, or you can connect a standard telephone line to your system using an FXO device such as the Grandstream GXW-4104 or the OBI 110.

If you choose a SIP Trunk service, you’ll need a DID (a phone #) if you want to receive incoming calls. You don’t need a DID if you only want to make outgoing calls.

Yes, there are cheaper options. Callcentric.com, VOIP.ms, Vitelity.com, Flowroute.com, les.net, are all cheaper options that can get you service for under $10 per month.

You can also purchase a T1 with SIP service from AT&T, MegaPath, or Telepacific, but they are much more expensive ($300-500 per month).

I have an old Vonage adapter and a Linksys PAP2T… either of them work with this?

Vonage - Probably not. Most Vonage devices are locked. If you can find out how to unlock it, you may be able to use it.

PAP2T - Yes. It can be used to create an extension and allow a regular phone to act as an extension. But, see above if it is a Vonage PAP2T.

The PAP2T is unlocked, so I should be good, thanks.