Wav file for a voice mail greeting?

hi, i have created a virtual extension. i want to create a vm greeting for the extension. as an admin, is there a way for me to upload or place a .wav file so that extension uses it for vm greeting?

thanks in advance

You can login to UCP as the user linked to that extension and upload VM greetings.

this is a virtual extension so i had not associated anyone with it…i guess i could, but is there a way for me to just place the file in a certain directory? or is it more complicated than that?


just create the file and upload it to e.g.
Replace 1234 with the extension number.
Also upload busy.wav if relevant.

If that’s not correct, call the extension, let it go to voicemail, look at the Asterisk log for what is being played.

Stewart, thanks i will try that

Also make sure the .wav file is mono, 16bit 8k and is readable by your asterisk user or it won’t work

su asterisk -c "soxi /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/1234/unavail.wav"

to confirm


dicko, thanks for the tip

fyi, this all worked…thanks for your help!

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