Warning messages when disabling InCall Asterisk recording feature

FreePBX v16.0.33
Asterisk 18.16.0


When I disable the InCall Asterisk record feature code on the GUI, it is properly removed from the features_applicationmap_additional.conf as well as the pjsip.endpoint.conf files. Still, I get the following warning messages popping 3x times for every call:

Apart from the question of why this happens, how come it happens for trunk channels too where the pjsip config does not even appear to reference the apprecord variable at all (when I enable the feature code) ?

Could there be something not fully ok with how the apprecord var is handled if it is unset/empty?

Yes, there is a similar question in here from 2017, was not exactly solved.

DYNAMIC_FEATURRS are defined in extensions_additional.conf

Yes. How is this helping to defeat the warnings when disabling InCall recording feature code?

Are you saying one should add a “DYNAMIC_FEATURES=” line in the globals_custom.conf in order to completely eliminate the DYNAMIC_FEATURES / apprecord usage ?

I’m saying that if that in globals it would need to resolve to something, if you are not using any other DYNAMIC_FEATURES dleteing it would solve, but because of what is says at the top, you should probably replacce it with something like *#55167*#

Thanks! I obviously can’t delete DYNAMIC_FEATURES from extensions_additional.conf so assumed an overwriting ‘empty’ definition in globals_custom.conf would solve it, but if like you write a variable statement in [globals] needs to have a value passed (in other words you can’t just null/empty a var this way), then I also don’t see any method to work around this, other than defining a feature code that will potentially never be inadvertently hit… ? Though you can’t ever be 100% about this.

Sounds like a dance around the real problem tbh. Hoping the issue I opened will actually be considered. Though I am not sure those Jira boards are moving in an observable speed, feels a bit abandoned.

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