Warning : /dev/root does not exit

Hello Guys,

Getting a weird messages or log errors while installing freepbx 16 , stable version .
Inserted the iso file in the disk drive of the machin and pick the recommended option on freepbx wizard , once the installation starts comes with a lot of logs and at the end i can read this **Starting Dracut Emergency Shell… **
Warning : /dev/root does not exit .

I read some say that it could be the abscence of the hdd, but the machine does have an hdd with 210+ GIB -thus it was set to boot on the HDD when the machine is loaded - What might be the main cause of this prob ? this is the 1st time i am facing such issue.
Any idea please ,

Thanks !

HDD were missing , mine was SSD so it could be an adjustment mess , change the hdd fixes the prob .

Thanks !

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