Warm spare trunks are NOT disabled on restore?

I may have failed to understand the documentation for configuring Warm Spare PBX 15+.
My puzzlement is similar to that expressed in: FREEPBX-22335 - Backup & Restore issues

I have a production server running FreePBX16 with latest modules (as of this evening). I configured a warm spare on a separate server, also fully patched.

In the Backup and Restore module I enabled the Warm Spare option, and set
Backup Items > Core > Disable Trunks on Restore? to YES.

My belief was that any (PJSIP) trunk configuration copied from the primary to the warm spare which was ENABLED on the primary would be DISABLED when restored on the warm spare. That is the behaviour I need, since my SIP provider doesn’t handle multiple registrations. Each PJSIP trunk is configured to use Registration: Send.

What I observed was that all of the trunks that were enabled on the primary were also enabled on the warm spare when the backup and warm spare restore job completed.

Thankfully I had set Warm Spare > Apply Configs to NO while testing, so I was able to disable those trunks before applying the configuration.

Is this a PEBCAK (Problem exists between chair and keyboard) or should I raise an issue on the Backup and Restore component?

Mike Thomson

This seems a known issue. I’ve got a support ticket going and development is looking into it. Hasn’t been fixed yet.

Ah - thank you. Are you willing to share your issue number or support ticket reference please, so we can keep these linked?

I’ve got a couple that I think are a bit related but the one specifically with the warm spare and the trunks not restoring correctly is case # 01029510.

I’ve opened a ticket on the Sangoma issue tracker against the Backup and Restore component : FREEPBX-24176.
I have referred to Igor’s support ticket above and to a related (but old) open ticket, FREEPBX-22573

Philip Joseph picked up my ticket and responded to say that the current implementation only disables trunks with a registration string, e.g. CHAN_SIP. He’s closed my ticket and instead opened one against the core module, as FREEPBX-24185

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