Warm Spare take long time to complete nightly run

Two identical servers connected to the same switch. Both servers running version 16. Followed directions on wiki. Job starts at 1:30am and is finished copying to warm spare around 5am. Backup file size is 1.5gb. First run job was done processing at 8am… it is now taking until almost 4:30PM for the job to finish. Any ideas why the job keeps taking longer and longer?

Any help greatly appreciated.

those times sound excessive

I’d try excluding some items in tests and determine if any significantly impact the time it takes to complete the job

start with things like cdr , cel , voicemail …

Yes, getting longer every day. I think i’m already excluding voicemail, i’m going to try cdr next.

After doing some digging, I have found that the 1bdata file on the warm spare has grown to 374gb! This is after about two months since I have upgraded to v16 of Freepbx. The 1bdata file on the live server is 260mb. Trying to understand why this file has grown so large and what to do about it.

Do you see the replicate_cdr table on the Warm Spare, if so, what is the size of that table?

IIRC, that’s what causing this issue

Here is a screen shot from table status:

Looks to be about 343 GB…

Well yeah… According to this post Remote_cdr? it is supposed to get pruned every once in a while, however, that does not seem to be the case in a Warm Spare environment. I have seen this and wanted to create a bug report, but didn’t get to it.

Please report this issue: issues.freepbx.org

Thank you for the input. I will report as a bug.

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