Warm Spare Question

I am trying to understand the Warm Spare scenario. Please correct me if I have incorrect thoughts on this.

Two machines need to be setup with different deployment #s and identical modules installed/licensed.

The Master machine has a backup setup to ssh to the Second machine on a periodic basis.

When the need arises for the Secondary to be active, we need to log into it and change the network settings to the same as the Master. All phones will connect and voila all is good, correct?

What I am trying to figure out is this. Does the MySql DB get updated along with the file structure? In other words the Secondary is the Mirror image of the Master per the last backup.

Many thanks for any cloud clearing you can help with.


It works via polling.

slave pulls from master.
You would enable trunks/ do network etc as required
Phones will likely require reboot

So the Secondary would be totally up to date as far as the last restore. It would be just as if it were the Master 100% after the phone reboot, etc…

That is correct

Great. Thanks

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