Warm Spare on Asterisk 15+ not working

I have two FreePBX 15 servers running. I have setup (I think) a warmspare backup on the primary server. When I run this backup I get the following error at the end of the run:
`Warmspare enabled for this backup
We Have triggered an API to restore the backup on Spare Server

In Pest.php line 232:

Protocol ttp not supported or disabled in libcurl

backup [–backup BACKUP] [–externbackup EXTERNBACKUP] [–dumpextern DUMPEXTERN] [–transaction TRANSACTION] [–list] [–warmspare] [–implemented] [–filestore FILESTORE] [–restore RESTORE] [–restorelegacycdr] [–modules MODULES] [–restoresingle RESTORESINGLE] [–backupsingle BACKUPSINGLE] [–singlesaveto SINGLESAVETO] [–b64import B64IMPORT] [–fallback] [–useinfiledb] [–skiprestorehooks]
I have looked around and so far can not find anything about this error. The backup file does appear to be on the warm spare.

your problem is you have a url set as “ttp://foo.bar” rather than “http://foo.bar” somewhere

Thanks, WOW do I feel like a dunce… Guess after looking at it over and over you start missing the obvious…

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