Warm Spare is registering with trunk

I’m having issues with my warm spare registering with my trunk. This causes the warm spare to grab inbound calls, it then can’t connect with endpoints so everyone goes to voicemail.

I have three trunks, two have similar settings, example below:


The third is an authentication trunk with these settings:


The authentication trunk is third in line to connect if the other two can’t. I have “Disable Registered Trunks” set to “yes” in backup settings, but since my registration trunk is third in line, One of the other two will register. Is there a way to either exclude the trunk settings in the backup altogether? Or disable all trunks? Or, is my best bet to ditch the first two trunks and just use the authentication trunk?


Diabale registered trunks only applies to trunks that are registered. Non registered trunks should never get a call since your carrier won’t know how to reach the server since it has a different IP.

I must have some configuration wrong then, because the trunks do find the spare. My primary PBX is at, the backup is at .102. I have port 5080 forwarded to .100 in my router, yet the trunk settings use port 5060. I do not have port 5060 forwarded to any address in my router. So, I’m not real sure what is going on with it. The only port forwarded to the spare at .102 is port 922 for the admin panel.

I’m trying to dive back into this and find a solution. Is there a post-backup hook I can add that would disable all the trunks? Or is there a way to exclude the trunk SIP settings from the backup?

When you use the backup/restore module, exclude “backup settings”

Surely if it’s inbound calls, then that’s a firewall issue? It’s how you point the outside world to your servers?

My trunk provider (1-voip) is telling me that the trunk on the warm spare will continue to register.

Dicko, I already have backup settings excluded.

On the warm spare, disable any existing trunks and confirm that trunks are disabled by running:

sip show registry

there should be no output. Then run a warm spare backup and apply config. The same command should again show no registrations. As far as I can tell with my testing, this is working as expected.

My CLI shows no SIP registrations

localhost*CLI> sip show registry
Host dnsmgr Username Refresh State Reg.Time
0 SIP registrations.

But the GUI does show the trunks registering as well as some of our phones. The trunks also show “enabled” after the backup and restore of the primary PBX. I had them set to “disabled” prior to the restore.

These are screenshots from after the restore.

Those are not registries from Asterisk. That is asterisk doing a qualify on the trunk. That has nothing to do with registration.

Thanks Tony. I thought that was showing it registering. I’ll keep the warm spare online and see if the problem I was having persists.